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by Katherine Lukaszewski on SJB Talent Management
Insights that can make a real difference!

I had the honour of working with Sarah for several years at Stryker. She never ceased to amaze me with her ability to see to the crux of the situation and then to be able to offer tailored solutions of how to work with each individual. In my role as Education Director, I get to see many different models and types of questionnaire to 'define' people. StrengthsFinder is by far the most enlightening, individualised and with tangible tools to move things forward.

by Ian Hughes on SJB Talent Management
Highly Skilled at Talent Identification

I worked closely with Sarah over a period of several years and she was a key influence in, not only my personal development, but also the recruitment and development of my team.
She is highly skilled at talent identification and excels in the coaching of individuals to exploit their strengths to the benefit of the person and the business.
An asset to any organisation thinking of looking for this expertise and skill set and one that values recruitment and people development.

by Wesley Grant on SJB Talent Management
Innovative Strength Coaching Techniques

In the time Sarah worked with me and my team at Stryker, I found her strength coaching techniques to be quite innovative & different to the corporate training that I was used to. Sarah had a way of drilling down very quickly into the mind & strengths of the person she was dealing with (I have first hand experience of this), and helping them realise the impact that their talents could bring. While Sarah coached me, she brought specific awareness of areas that I make a large impact & helped me improve these to be better in that sphere. With my sales team, Sarah was instrumental in helping me manage the different strengths & talents that the individual personalities had, and through a careful matrix plan that I understood thanks to Sarah's teachings, I was able to gain better results from my team members on specific tasks that was linked to their individual talents. I take real pleasure in writing this recommendation & would gladly recommend Sarah to anyone or company looking to stimulate their teams engagement & talent planning.

by Natalie Dow on SJB Talent Management
Extremely Knowledgeable on StrengthsFinder

I had the pleasure of a strengths session with Sarah and found her to be extremely knowledgeable on StrengthsFinder. Sarah is personable, passionate and client focused. Talking to Sarah will help you identify, nurture and develop your talents in order that they can become your strengths. Thank you Sarah. -

by Sian Abel on SJB Talent Management
Sarah is a Great Coach

Sarah is a great coach. She’s empathetic and seems to understand the best way to communicate both positive and development messages. Her real skill is at bringing meaning to development activities and the true impact these can have on career and individual goals. Her translation of this feedback can support individuals and organisations to maximise their performance. Personally, having worked directly with Sarah as a colleague for a number of years, I can say her support and guidance is truly inspirational. I still reach out to her on an individual basis from time to time, and always find her feedback honest and motivating. I would recommend Sarah with the utmost enthusiasm, and would venture to say that using a service such as Sarah provides can really make the difference between success and failure, for teams, and individuals to discover their strengths and put them into action.

by Peter Hodgson on SJB Talent Management
Engaging and Enthusiastic

I worked with Sarah whilst we were at Stryker. We partnered when I was recruiting and she also led discovery days for Gallup StrengthFinder. This was a valuable tool that helped Sales People in my team discover and manage their strengths.
I found Sarah an engaging and enthusiastic person to work with. She was able to discuss and debate potential candidates for my team and also offered advice and support to ensure I achieved the best from my team.
I wish her good luck with her new venture and would recommend using her skills for managers who want to develop their team's talents and utilise their strengths to maximum effect!

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