Strengths Coaching for Success

Strengths Coaching for Individuals

Individual Strengths Discovery Coaching Session

This is a 2 hour face to face session including a full StrengthsFinder® Report along with a follow up programme.  There are a number of phases…

  • An initial (free) consultation for me to understand your situation and objectives as well as explaining the process including the Clifton StrengthsFinder®
  • Online completion of the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment
  • The discovery coaching session
  • An email follow up programme consisting of some development exercises

The discovery coaching session is based upon an individual’s talents as revealed in the full 34 Strengths Report from the Clifton StrengthsFinder®.  The session explores how the themes of talent operate for him or her personally and how his or her talents may work in combination.

We focus on the dominant talents in order to concentrate on the person’s areas of greatest opportunity for success to maximise outcomes and performance improvement.  However, we also explore some of the supporting talents to establish those which may be resonant for him or her and strong enough to have potential to be developed.

We briefly discuss any lesser talents which may be of concern and look at possible strategies to manage those where necessary.

The individual will leave the session with goals which will be revisited in a follow-up session.

The email follow-up programme comprises a series of exercises which helps to embed and continue the learning so as to develop the talents into strengths.

The cost of the Individual Strengths Discovery Coaching Session is £275.  Please contact me to arrange a free consultation without obligation.

Individual Strengths Performance Coaching Session

This is a 2 hour session with a ½ hour telephone follow up call.   The participant must have completed the Individual Strengths Discovery Coaching Session.

This is an individually tailored session which is used to explore an individual’s strengths in greater depth, to continue a coaching relationship or to tackle a specific issue from a strengths perspective.

The individual will leave the session with a set of goals which will be revisited in the follow up call.

The cost of an individual strengths performance coaching session (including the follow up call) is £200.

After the Individual Strengths Discovery Coaching Session has been completed it is also possible for an individual to receive ad hoc strengths coaching sessions at a cost of £75 per hour.

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